Celebrating Jaffrey 250

Jaffrey’s 250TH
Jubilee Celebration

As we recount the history of the Town of Jaffrey, we offer this digital copy of the 250th Commemorative Book Edition which reflects on our rich history and culture that makes our community a great place to live and work.

A special thanks to Rob Stephenson, the Jaffrey Historical Society, and the Jaffrey 250th Organizing Committee for their contributions!

As we recount the history of Jaffrey we hope to inspire a new generation to learn, recognize, and appreciate how our citizens continue to make this community a great place to live. There are no boundaries to what our youth can do to help make our future better and brighter.


We will commemorate this historic milestone with programs and events marking our 250th anniversary – and invite our families, teachers, businesses, churches, non-profit groups to continue to build on the legacy of our founders. Most of all, we invite YOU, to be part of our towns rich 250-year history.

Celebrations, gatherings and festivities are planned throughout the year, highlighting Jaffrey’s day of Incorporation, August 17, 1773. The 250th Organizing Committee will be reaching out to the schools, businesses, churches, non-profits and inspirational leaders for the betterment of our community and future.

Our Message

For this historic celebration – we invite you to record your moments and use the hashtag #jaffrey250 and #jaffreyjubilee. Our goal is to create a place for all of Jaffrey’s current and past residents to experience the 250th Jaffrey Jubilee Celebration.

“To far eyes, an aërial isle,
Unploughed, which finer spirits pile,
Which morn and crimson evening paint
For bard, for lover, and for saint;
The country’s core,
Inspirer, prophet evermore,
Pillar which God aloft had set
So that men might it not forget,
It should be their life’s ornament,
And mix itself with each event;
Their calendar and dial,
Barometer, and chemic phial,
Garden of berries, perch of birds,
Pasture of pool-haunting herds,
Graced by each change of sum untold,
Earth-baking heat, stone-cleaving cold.”

By Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem titled, Monadnoc

The official JAFFREY 250th Organizing Committee was established in 2020 by the Select Board to commemorate the towns anniversary on August 17, 2023.  The organizing committee is a group of volunteers who will meet with local residents, non-profits and businesses to highlight this special occasion.  If you have an interest in volunteering, sponsoring or hosting an event, please fill out the Volunteer Form and a member of the organizing committee will contact you.  Thank You!

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Jaffrey 250th Anniversary 2023

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